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Creative Director 

fun fact: I have a pet snake named Cleo:)


Creative Strategy

I was the creative director for an advertising video that effectively promoted a coworking space. The DEC Network is a entrepreneurship coworking space dedicated to entrepreneurial  success through resources. Overall, The DEC Network is a community of like minded individuals with a familial like bond, my strategy was to capture the ambiance of how a coworking space is not only a hub of resources dedicated to members, it is also a haven for individuals looking to start their journey as an entrepreneur.


I directed the creative aspects of the project, which included the concept, scripting, acting, storyboarding, and the production process that aligned with the company's overall branding. 


The campaign successful in the visibility for the end user as well as the company.

Creative Team

Production Manager: Shania Wilhite

Creative Director: Seyoun Taylor

Client: The DEC Network


May 2023



Creative Strategy

Cyd Chevaghn's  EP "Only If Your Listening" tells the story of how her connections to others sparked a journey of self discovery.

My strategy was to assist the videographer in highlighting  her nostalgic experience of her past connections, to capture how her emotional experience guided her back to herself through self reflection.

I directed the creative aspects of the project, which included support of musicians overall visual development, wardrobe suggestion, hair, prop placement. Managed the model recruitment process, assisted Videographer with production by suggesting ideas, styles, and direction .


The video was successful in aligning  the musician's vision with the concept of the story 

Creative Team

Musician: Cyd Chevaghn

Videographer: Abraham Mwinda

Creative Director: Seyoun Taylor

Model: Joshua


January 2023

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