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Spring 2024

Watercolor Paint

Seyoun Thee Artist

My healing journey and my travels helped create the foundation for my creativity. I am an explorer by heart and a healer in spirit. My travels to Europe have exposed me to new cultures and different forms of artistry. During my travels my style was influenced by my connections with the essence of how life imitates art. 


My subconscious began to search for a deeper meaning in my artistry. Traveling helped facilitate growth on my healing journey. My artwork is inspired by my subconscious and pushing beyond my own limitations of how I perceive the world. I convey my message through surrealism and symbolism.   


Symbolism helps me convey my message in a subtle yet bold way. While surrealism helps me break any boundary that either exists now or will become relevant in the future. It's always the little things I capture in the moment in time that helps emphasize my message. 


I do not always understand why I experience certain moments in life, but I know I must persist towards greatness. My art is a reflection of who I was and who I am becoming.

Body Painting Exhibition 

In May of 2023, I participated as a body painting artist at the DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) Dallas event, where I was tasked with painting the likeness of the famous painter Basquiat on a model. This nonprofit organization raises funds to support AIDS awareness and research, and I was honored to contribute my skills to this worthwhile cause. Through this experience, I honed my skills in body painting and gained valuable experience working in a high-pressure, public-facing environment. This opportunity allowed me to showcase my creativity and ability to bring concepts to life through the human form, and I am proud to have contributed to the success of the event.

Logans Mural Project

I partnered with professional artist Curtis Derall Ferguson, and together, we successfully completed 11 vibrant murals within a 30-day timeframe. We worked tirelessly under the sun, painting on corrugated metal surfaces. The total size of our artistic endeavor ranged from 20 feet in height to 160 feet in length, divided into 11 meticulously crafted sections. Additionally, my individual project involved creating graffiti-style design for all of the schools within or around Duncanville.

Abstract Blue Light

"Navigating Denial". Mixed Media. 


Navigating denial is the first stage we all experience when we go through a major loss in our lives. We try to deny the pain we feel and avoid the inevitable by indulging ourselves with things that numb the emptiness grief has left us with. You begin to grieve initially when contemplating walking away from our past existence. Grief does not become present after loss; grief shows up before we physically see the change.


Distortion can become our own perception when we choose to lay with our illusions. We begin not to recognize ourselves in the process; we find comfort in illusions, hoping they will provide some sort of relief, convincing ourselves that we made the right decision or that staying complacent can still facilitate growth. Either way, we are grieving who we refuse to be or beginning to grieve who we once were to become who we are meant to be.


At a certain point in ourselves, we do not have control over our environment, especially as children. The world around us becomes our experience and shapes us into who we are. We begin to become conditioned by society, institutions, peers, and family to exist in a space where we survive in life instead of experiencing it. It can be hard to unlearn what has been ingrained in us.


No one holds us hostage to the system; our power exists within the decisions we make. We can either allow a conditioned lie to take over our lives or begin to find our truth and give it the opportunity to foster growth and healing.

Blue Smoke

"Navigating Anger". Mixed Media. 


The next stage of grief I like to call the in-between, I do, aka Anger. Anger is a healthy emotion that many of us believe, if expressed or allowed to take control, consumes us, and unfortunate things happen.


Expressing your anger during your grieving process is when you are on the fence about turning back, wanting to return to old behavioral patterns, relationships, and a certain perspective out of fear. But you know you must continue on. That is enough to make anyone angry.


You begin to see things differently, and now your friends, society, and community no longer resonate with the version of yourself you see at the end of the tunnel.


It hurts, and you want to go back to who you once were, the comfort that lifestyle brings, with no one to hold you accountable and no one to challenge your thought process.


So, we must prevail to move forward while remaining in the present, experiencing what life wants to offer us. It is up to us to make that decision.


During this phase, you will experience a whirlwind of emotions. You are trying to hold on and remain stable through the storm. It may seem like a lot to handle, but we are divinely guided through our awakening; we have to be open to see it, visualize it. Growing pains are not dependent on healing, but healing is dependent on growing pains.

Dark smoke

"Navigate Bargaining". Mixed Media. 


At this stage, we are seeking a way out of our pain, yearning for something to make sense so that we can be free of our own illusions and guilt. The truth is, we struggle to let go of what no longer serves us, so we use every bargaining chip we have. We run through questions and "what if's" as a form of attachment and comfort because, if we see everything for what it is and not for what we want it to be, it becomes our reality, no longer confined to our minds. Our intuition is our stability throughout the entire process. During this phase, the best option is to surrender.


Allow the energy of the phoenix to transform and release any illusions or lies we have told ourselves to feel a sense of comfort. We do not have to control everything; logic is not necessary to make ourselves feel worthy.


Walking away from something, especially who we once were, does not indicate the value of our worth or lack thereof. It's the ability to release and surrender what once served a purpose. It still has value; it still has worth, but it no longer has a place in our lives.

Red Paint

"Navigating Uncertainty". Mixed Media. 


During this phase, feeling overwhelmed becomes a common theme in our lives. The feeling of not knowing or perhaps not even caring about what's next. Feeling overwhelmed with energy that may not even belong to us. Feeling afraid and stuck, not knowing that stagnancy can be a form of progress, depending on how you perceive it. Resting is normal, and not wanting to deal with the energies around us is not uncommon either.


Our energy alone can feel chaotic, as if it has no home. This emotion can evoke a feeling of the same vulnerability felt as a child when depending on your environment to care for you.


This is your resting phase, observing your emotions instead of letting them run rampant without comfort. If you are feeling displaced seek solace from close loved ones or peers

Magnified Grass

"Navigating Acceptance. Acrylic. 


Accepting changes does not mean that we are done with our grieving; this stage is the beginning of the end. Acceptance is the continuation of when we surrender and allow all that is in alignment for us to fall into place. This is the test after the many mock exams that have been taken.


We can stop and admire how beautiful transformation can be. It is also an emotional phase to experience. This is the phase where we have to learn how to readjust to who we are becoming. When we arrive at this point in life, we reflect on all that has happened, appreciating the help from our spirit team or whoever you connect with.


We are all divinely guided and protected, if only we believe it. The cycle of death continues on, no matter which phase we find ourselves in, accepting the metamorphosis of self.

Dark Background

"Navigating New Found Hope". Mixed Media


Experiencing metamorphosis is not about the loss of who we are, but it's the process we all must go through to become the change we seek. The death, the rebirth, and the in-between are more about the transformative process than the destination. Our past no longer exists in our reality, and the future has not been birthed. Our experiences and choices create new opportunities that give us the chance to ground ourselves and be present.


The end of the beginning is about rebuilding, nurturing our new blessings, opportunities, and gifts. Our story continues to be written, and when we let go of narratives that have already had their ending, we can begin a new chapter in our book.

Purple Abstract

"Metamorphosis". Mixed Media

IMG_2120 (1)_edited.png

Metamorphosis is the essence of my existence after I experienced the depths of my own darkness.


Now, having completed a full cycle, we understand the meaning of transformation and what it can do for our essence. When butterflies transform, they become the chrysalis.

For years, I believed the chrysalis formed outside of the butterfly. The transformation comes from within. Much can be said in this phase, but saying too much can take away from the appreciation we are supposed to feel when we have reached this milestone.

Blue Smoke

“I Feel”. Acrylic. 24x36

I feel it is about the mask we portray to our external environment. The flower represents the illusions and the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day. The blooming black flowers represent the beginning of the death phase and how we nurture the illusions that serve no purpose in our lives, triggered by comfort. The inevitable will persist, the change will still come, but it will be painful yet rewarding. The orange moon represents our emotions and the alignment with the moon cycles. The orange represents our sacral chakra and helps us relate to others and ourselves through emotions.


The different emotions you are witnessing on the mask are intentional. It speaks to our subconscious being a powerhouse to all that we experience. At times, we get used to compartmentalizing how we feel, and we forget to give ourselves the space to be emotional. Our subconscious can only harbor so many emotions. Eventually, our subconscious will manifest new experiences on your behalf through any suppressed emotions. Your subconscious will begin to trigger you through interactions with others or situations. 


We cannot hide who we are and how we feel. I want the painting to feel intentional with contradiction. We get into the habit of over-rationalizing our emotions instead of feeling them. To feel is to heal.

Yellow Theme Background

“I Do”. Acrylic. 24x30

“I do” is about walking away from what no longer serves you. I like to call this phase the beginning of the in-between. The in-between is about experiencing your life between the death and rebirth phases. We emphasize being reborn again or experiencing the death cycle, but we rarely speak about what it takes to get to our rebirth phase and what it takes to walk away from our death. The in-between is the present moment. We are either reminiscent of or anticipating the future or the past. The present moment, the now, helps us stay grounded through the storm.


The vines are burdens of our past or the future that has yet to happen. I intentionally wanted vines instead of any other object because we have the freedom to do what we will. Those vines appear when we give our power and control away to people, places, and things. The vines do not tie around the ankle, but they are a reminder that although you walked away from an old narrative that no longer resonates with you, do you understand why those burdens cannot travel and accompany you moving forward?


The yellow represents our solar plexus chakra. Our solar plexus chakra is the ability to have self-control and the confidence to see our reality and how it's influenced by our perspective. It takes more than just acknowledging our past. To do better, you have to understand better. It is easier said than done. However, just taking that one step forward can make all the difference.

Purple Object

“I See”. Mixed Media. 30x40

I see, is about being able to experience compassion for ourselves without guilt. We get into the habit of feeling guilty for walking away from what no longer serves us. Usually what no longer serves us, brought us the most comfort .


I want others to see themselves through the lens of their purpose, while at the same time being compassionate towards others without compromising their energy. 


The purple represents our third eye chakra. Our third eye chakra represents liberation and being more connected to our intuition. When we are connected to our intuition, we begin to trust the process and surrender to our journey.

Red Paint

“I Am”. Mixed Media .24x30

I am is about surrendering and acceptance before our rebirth phase. Her skin is beginning to shed because she is walking into her purpose, her rebirth. The black flowers represent the deaths. The death phase is not a burden but something that should be celebrated. You cannot be who you are now without the guidance from who you once were. We set the tone for who we will become when we walk in our purpose. The eyes represent metamorphosis and how each phase changes us into a better version of ourselves. She wears death on her head because it's her crown.


The red represents the root chakra. When we walk in our purpose, it requires a lot of inner strength that helps guide our purpose and understand why our experience is our muse.

Green Satin

“I Love”. Acrylic. 40x60

"I Love" is inspired by my travels to Venice, Italy. The scenery in Italy resembled true beauty. I was captivated by its essence. I realized that we can't comprehend true love without understanding that it starts with ourselves. Self-love is a rare form of love that many of us do not have the opportunity to explore because we believe giving it away freely to others completes us. We lose ourselves in the process of giving and we forget how to receive it from ourselves.


When one truly accepts themselves, even the parts we dare to embrace, our heart chakras begin to open. Loving yourself without conditions creates a pathway to your authenticity. The four-headed woman is me, and I am her. My ego, inner child, higher self, and shadow is all that I am and more.



The ego is insecure, co-dependent, and sometimes even arrogant. We let our ego control our narrative instead of allowing it to influence our decisions from a different perspective. We have to allow our inner perspectives to have some form of contribution. Ego has to learn how to let go of control and make peace with it. 


The Ghana African symbol represents strength. When egos energy is transmuted, she walks in faith, not by sight. Our ego is co-dependent on others' views and opinions. The ego does not need eyes to see but inner strength. Our inner strength acts as our guide to our destiny.


Inner Child

The inner child is innocent, naive, and at times careless. However, our inner child has an open heart and is the closest connection to  source. As adults, we take life too seriously. We are dependent  on survival. We never ask or permit ourselves to enjoy life and relax. Our inner child can lead us out of a mental state of worry and confusion into going with the flow, and our inner chiild can make decisions influenced by an open mind and heart. When we nurture our inner child, the less stress we may feel about the things we experience in life even the most mundane. Make your inner child happy, and have fun!


The Ghana symbol means nurturing. Nurturing our inner child helps us stay connected and in tune with ourselves.



Our shadow side is considered many things, such as dark, cold, mean, hurt, painful, or even ugly. Our subconscious is a powerhouse; it stores every memory or experience we deem negative or positive. Shadow is codependent on those negative memories because those are the only memories associated with its energy. Those memories are a form of validation of the neglect and pain our shadow experiences. 


Our shadow wants to be heard and seen, even if that attention comes from a low vibrational place. Our shadow self is triggered when the same feeling from a new experience reminds us of an old situation, and we fall back into old behavioral patterns that do not serve us. Our shadow side is a victim of circumstance and has to unlearn the pain and trauma it has experienced, even the ones we put ourselves through.


The Ghana symbol represents perseverance. Despite what we have experienced, we keep moving forward. Our shadow side has a lot of suppressed energy that can be transmuted to help shift our energy and perspective to understand that our past experiences are not to hinder us but to excel us forward.


Higher Self

Our inner compass, our intuition, is our guide through this life. Our higher self is compassionate and forgiving yet sometimes overextends ourselves because we see the potential in others. Although seeing potential in others can mean you have hope, it can become a burden and does not guarantee that others will agree or see their own potential. 


Our higher self sees things from the big picture and leads with a heart and a steady mind. Our higher self responds from a place of compassion and acceptance. We may not understand how others choose to live their life, we have to accept what we cannot change and surrender any control that doesn't belong to us.


The Ghana symbol represents greatness and leadership. When our level of awareness and understanding transforms into wisdom, it is an invaluable gift that's given to us when we need it the most.

We are not great through popularity and are not great leaders through an election. When we realize that the purpose we seek is far greater than ourselves, that is when we begin to lead by example.

Dark Ocean

“I Hope”. Mixed Media. 36x48

"I hope" is such a powerful statement. When we begin a statement with "I" it gives our words energy and power. Hope is the foundation my experience of death, rebirth, and in-between in which it exist. Hope energizes and transforms. Hope can change anyone's life once we allow hope to take over what we feel could never heal.


Hope is the foundation of all that is possible on my journey. I rely on hope to guide me back to my heart-centered place.

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