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As an  exhibition planner, I have successfully managed all aspects of art exhibitions, including art selection, installation, logistics, attendance, revenue, catering, sponsorships, and entertainment. 


With my co-curator, I carefully planned the installation of the artwork to ensure it was displayed in the most effective way possible. I also managed the storage, placement, installation, and de-installation of various types of artwork with great care. 


In addition, I created event flyers for promotion via social media, email blasts, and other communication platforms, collaborating closely with the marketing team to increase event awareness. With my creative vision, I also redesigned event spaces for aesthetics, aligning them with the artist's work and musical entertainment. My attention to detail and expertise in exhibition planning ensures that every event I plan is a success. 




Art show & Mixer February 2023

Curator: Seyoun Taylor

Co-curator: The Black Enigma, Samaria Brown

Artists: Alexander, Chelsea Page-Kennedy, Ty Larsen, Bri Moore, Brittney Sallier

Color Stain
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I successfully organized and curated my own art exhibition, taking on full responsibility for the planning and installation of the artwork. With great care and attention to detail, I personally packaged and shipped off my pieces, ensuring their safe arrival at the exhibition venue.

Overall, my participation in Golin's Night School Program has deepened my understanding of the creative process and helped me to develop a more holistic approach to my work as an art curator. 

During my participation in Golin's Night School Program, I had the opportunity to delve deeply into my personal creative journey and develop a project that truly represented my voice.


I created a series of six paintings that were influenced by my writings and podcasting, and which highlighted the importance of the creative process in bridging the gap between traditional and unorthodox ways of experiencing the world. Through storytelling from different perspectives, I introduced creative awareness and the power of the conscious mind to shape our understanding of the world around us.



February 2023

Curator: Seyoun Taylor

Location: Chicago, illinois

Color Stain
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