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Kingdom Kids Brand logo & T-shirt design

I had the opportunity to showcase my design skills by creating a logo for Kingdom Kids, a clothing company dedicated to providing innovative and stylish apparel for children. Additionally, I designed a unique and eye-catching T-shirt for Amanda Garrett, which incorporated her personal style and preferences. Both projects allowed me to demonstrate my ability to translate client vision into effective design solutions that meet their specific needs."

Jesus Juice Logo Design

 I had the privilege of collaborating with Amanda Garrett to create a unique brand inspired by Jesus and designed specifically for adult clothing items. The project entailed developing a captivating Jesus juice brand, which would be featured on a variety of merchandise such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, and more. I successfully translated the essence of Jesus' teachings into visually compelling designs, evoking a sense of thirst for life, love, and meaningful relationships. By combining my expertise in graphic design with the client's vision, we created a distinctive and thought-provoking collection. This project showcases my ability to effectively communicate complex concepts through visual storytelling and demonstrates my dedication to delivering high-quality design solutions.

Working with Seyoun was a Godsend. She really told a story through her work for my designs. I know
what I wanted but she exceeded what I expected. Her ability to tell a story for your vision and put it on
paper so creatively and beautifully forced me to expand the walls of my business. She listens to you; she
asks the right questions but my most favorite part about working with Seyoun is that she kept me
involved enough in the creative process to originate a design I could use for ages with the respect of her
craft. She knows what she’s doing. Her vision is transcendent, and I have already recommended her
services to 3 people. Will I use her again, absolutely. Lifetime customer here! Thank you Seyoun for
sharing your gifts with my woman owned business. I am empowered by your work to remain walking in
my power!

Amanda Garrett, Financial Coach WINGS

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