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What is Love?

Love, what is love?

As humans we equate love like seeing beautiful white doves fluttering up above

We look at love as something outside of ourselves

That’s the lie we like to tell

Because when we fall out of love or forget it’s there, we place the blame on another’s name

It’s always the same story, I stopped loving you because you don’t make me feel the same

It’s easier to feel something when we think it’s not our fault, so we don’t have to think about the consequences our actions have brought

The true crime here is that we fear the love that’s within

Loving yourself is another drug

It feels so damn good to the point where it makes you feel like it’s a sin

Be honest, the love you want and the love our society shows, makes us feel like we have control over another’s soul

Either way you look at it you have been on both sides of heartbreak

Now it is up to you to love yourself until your your soul elevates


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