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I Hope

I am hope and my heart feels hollow and cold.

It feels as if I have no home.

I am alone in this world that bears my name. What a shame.

If I am hope, why do I feel so much pain.

Hope is love, hope is freedom, hope lives inside of everyone and everything.

Yet, hope feels neglected and rejected

As hope floats with no direction, hope looks down into the sea to look at her own reflection

Hope realized there is no such thing as feeling cold and alone because hope lives in the heart of everyone

Hope can now thrive because hope realizes she changes lives.

Hope can thank the sea for giving her the strength she needed herself to be.

Hope will always call on you, even when you feel there is no hope left within you.

*Use hopes story as an example of how even the most hopeful and warm parts of our being can grow cold. Hope is the foundation in our connection to everyone and everything. Hope is always there when you need it even if you feel like it has been lost with or without reason*

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